About Us

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Since the Forum of Excellence was founded, we have strived to make a necessary large scale change in society. We use the practical application of sciences, in addition to exchanging knowledge between different generations of researchers.

For that reason our inspirational quotes are, “From Talent to Excellence” and “Those who are with those who will be”.

Encouraging our Youth

We believe this unique set of talents, thought and actions, all geared in the same direction creates a powerful tool of action to improve the world. And in turn, it becomes a better stimulus for young people, establishing a solid foundation for those to develop their capabilities through personal contact with professors in order to provide solutions for current problems in society.



Generate New Opportunities

Our commitment is to create opportunities in order to enable emerging leaders to acquire new knowledge and profound relationship with those who have reached high levels of professional maturity and success. This helps students maximize their leadership capabilities and act consonantly.

The Forum of Excellence’s mission is a twofold. From our social vocation, we aim to address social and economic problems. And from a more academic side of scientific excellence our mission is to become a platform from which emerges the best research projects at universities. In addition to becoming the speaker of the scientific community to spread their needs and achievements.



The Forum of Excellence is governed by a set of principles that guides all of our actions:



Transform talent into excellence “From Talent to Excellence”