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We have collected a number of testimonies and comments which our participants have sent us. Here are a select few:

“I hope that future leaders have the chance to attend one of these meetings, either live or via internet. It is a fascinating experience.” Shendon L. Glashow, Noble Prize Physics.
“These meetings are extremely challenging, rewarding, and encouraging.” David Gross, Noble Prize Physics.
“We would be very fortunate if students from all over the world could have such a splendid experience.” Balbir Mathur, President, Trees for life.
Comaprtiendo experiencias entre los que son y los que van a ser.

“These projects realized by the Excellence Foundation are of enormous importance to the education of the next generation of scientists.” Avram Hersko, Noble Prize Chemistry.
“For me, it has been a brilliant experience in terms of sharing knowledge and interacting with some of the best experts in science”. Naila Hussain, student.
“The issues that are discussed and their broad approaches are of great importance for the future of humanity”. Hartmunt Michel, Noble Prize in Chemistry.
“Every project that the Excellence Foundation generates becomes a space of love, peace and joy for life.” Carmen Sáenz, professor.
“Every year I always make a handful of friends, some contacts have been important to my disseration, and the satisfaction of being a part of a team that make reality a unique idea.” Miguel Gallardo, PhD student.
“There exists a unique scientific community and family atmosphere where we can see the human face of science.” Emigdia Repetto, University Emertius Professor.
“These meetings are activites with huge potential where the great minds of yesterday, use their wisdom to guide the great minds of tomorrow.” Carlos Navarro, International Investment Relations.
“I was impressed by the generosity of the attendees to share knowledge and the bridges that were created between people, organizations and countries.” María Calvo, executive.
“My experience helped me confirm what I knew instinctively: the wisest are the most humble, the most dedicated are those who we least expect, and above all, talent is not compromised with commitment, generosity, illusion or the desire to have fun.” Alexandre Hermida, Student.
“A young man can benefit undoubtably: broaden their horizons and references. And can do so with prominent personalities, especially with open dialogue.” Salvador Barberá, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona y Barcelona GSE.